Q: How long will I wait for my order?
A: We take About 30 workdays (what means it exclude weekends and holidays) to craft and ship your order. 
Q: How much will cost to ship my order to my country.
A: Price varies from 25-45 euro depending on size of Parcel. If you create account and add your address your cart will show you exact price anytime you want.
Q: I want you to change something for me in your product, is it possible?
A: Customization is something we are personały proud off. But if this customization will have greater impact on work time we will need to charge you for it a little extra .contact via Facebook or Email will surely help such alterations.
Q: I want Modify colors of stitching, edges or some other parts?
A: No problem at all. Email us so we can be sure of what you want.
Q: Can i have your product without logo?
A: We are proud of our work and we like it a lot, but if you want we can make it one color with what you ordered so it looks like engraving.
Q: Is your gear machine washable?
A: Of course! Here is recipe:
Best idea is to wash it with "magical tissues" which preventing fabrics from colouring. (something like this : http://www.brauns-heitmann.pl/.../big_003011_2_.jpg...) , also please wash our jackets in 40 celsius degrees and without whirling.
For first wash we recommend using at least 4 tissues inside (2 body, 1 per sleve) and few outside